Provider Method Mapping

ProviderMethodPayment typeDescription
swishe_commercemobile, immediateE-commerce payment through Swish, meaning payments pre-seeded with the payers number, where the payment is waiting for finalization in the Swish App. No need for QR-code binding or triggering of Swish App. Instead it is recommended that the integrator displays a loader/spinner with instructions to encourage the user to open the Swish App to complete the payment.
swishm_commercemobile, immediateM-commerce payment through Swish, meaning that the payment is not pre-seed with the payers number, instead the user has to either scan the QR-code through the Swish App to complete the payment or by triggering an opening of the Swish App using the swish-url-schema provided by the API.
open_paymentspisaccount-to-account, bank settlements (0-2 banking days)Open Banking Account-to-Account payments done through the Open Banking aggregator Open Payments utilizing Ping Payments own Open Banking certificates.
neonomicspisaccount-to-account, bank settlements (0-2 banking days)Open Banking Account-to-Account payments done through the Open Banking aggregator Neonomics.
bankgirotautogiroaccount-to-account passive charging, bank settlements (1-2 banking days)Traditional Swedish mandate payment method, commonly used for recurring payments.
payment_iqcardcard payments, immediateRegular card payments provided through PaymentIQ (Worldline). Settlement of payment order is effected by synchronization of transaction fees. So even if the payment is completed immediate, the settlement (payout) of funds needs to wait for fee reconciliation.
pingdepositbank transfer, (0-2 banking days)Generic banking transfer payment where the payer is "depositing" funds to ping payments using bank transfer methods like OCR in Sweden, KID in Norway, or could be a regular IBAN transfer in EURO. Payments are completed when the funds has reached your account at Ping.
pingcreditpre-funded, immediateCan be used in combination with liquidity accounts for pre-funded payments where the integrator towards Ping or its customer, has preseeded the account with funds. Can also be used as a payments flow distributor from an liquidity account at Ping.
vipps_mobilepaycheckoutmobile/desktop, immediateAn direct integration to Vipps MobilePays checkout for completion of immediate payments in Norway, Denmark and Finland.
dummydummyN/A, immediateDummy paymetns, finalized immediately. Only possible to do in sandbox mode.