2. How does Autogiro work at Ping Payments?

How to sign up a customer to autogiro and do payments through Ping Payments

Payments through Autogiro is done through the method autogiro by the provider bankgiro, and all you need is a mandate-id for your customer. A mandate-id is created through the customer bg-mandate form through user-sessions created through our Ping Payments bgmandate API.


To create a Bgmandate link, make a POST request to the following endpoint:

POST https://bgmandate.pingpayments.com/mandate

Request body

Include the following parameters in the request body:

    "tenant_id": "your-tenant-id",
    "success_url": "your-success-redirect-url",
    "error_url": "your-error-redirect-url",
    "cancel_url": "your-cancel-redirect-url",
    "mandate_description": "description-of-mandate",
    "tenant_logo_url": "your-tenant-logo-url",
    "beneficiary_logo_url": "your-beneficiary-logo-url",
    "beneficiary_logo_label": "Mottagare"
tenant_idyour-tenant-idYour unique identifier for the tenant initiating the mandate.
success_urlyour-success-redirect-urlURL to redirect the user upon successful mandate creation. Should be a successful page on your end!
error_urlyour-error-redirect-urlURL to redirect the user if an error occurs during mandate creation. Should be a error page on your end!
cancel_urlyour-cancel-redirect-urlURL to redirect the user if they cancel the mandate creation process. Should be a cancel page on your end!
mandate_descriptiondescription-of-mandateA brief description of the mandate for the user's understanding. This is important for logging purposes on how the service is being used. A bad mandate_description could lead to a decline by Ping Payments compliance team.
tenant_logo_urlyour-tenant-logo-urlURL of the tenant's logo to display during the mandate creation process. This is optional.
beneficiary_logo_urlyour-beneficiary-logo-urlURL of the beneficiary's logo to display during the mandate creation process. This is optional.
beneficiary_logo_labelMottagareLabel for the beneficiary logo, typically a word or a sentence that builds trust in the user's language. This is optional.

Response body

The response will contain a mandate_id and a sign_url:

    "mandate_id": "<generated-mandate-id>",
    "sign_url": "<url-for-signing-mandate>"

Redirect the user to sign_url or iframe the sign_url in your application. We recommend redirect, because iframing in the current solution can be cumbersome in some web-browsers. Therefore try to build trust by adding logos for tenant and beneficiaries.


Save the mandate-id!

Ensure to save the mandate-id in your database, because you need it later when doing payments for that customer!