Integrating Autogiro Payment Method with Ping Payments

Autogiro is a payment method that allows automatic withdrawal of funds from a bank account for recurring charges. Here's a concise overview of each chapter in the guide:

  1. What is Autogiro?
    1. An introduction to the Autogiro payment system and its role in facilitating automated recurring transactions.
  2. How does Autogiro work at Ping Payments?
    1. A detailed explanation of the implementation and operation of Autogiro within the Ping Payments ecosystem.
  3. Sandbox Environment for Autogiro Integration
    1. Describes how developers can use the sandbox environment to test and integrate Autogiro functionalities before going live.
  4. Customer Journey
    1. Outlines the process and experience of a customer who is setting up and using Autogiro for transactions with Ping Payments.
  5. Checking the status of the mandate-id
    1. Details the methods for monitoring and verifying the status of an Autogiro payment mandate within the Ping Payments platform.