1. What is Autogiro?

Autogiro, also known as direct debit, is a payment method in Sweden that allows for the automatic transfer of funds from a payer's bank account to a payee's account on a passiv basis with no user interaction. It is typically used for recurring payments such as bills, subscriptions, and memberships.

Common Questions

When is the payment sent to Bankgiro?

The payment file is usually submitted to Bankgirot by Ping Payments everyday before 19:00 on the banking day for processing. Bankgirot ensures the payment is processed the next non-banking day.

When is a payment marked as paid?

A payment is marked as paid once it has been successfully processed and cleared by the bank. This status update is reflected in the Ping Payments system and usually occurs 13:00 the next banking day from when the payment was created.

How can I schedule payments?

Payments can be scheduled by setting up Autogiro mandates with your customers. Once a mandate is signed and approved, payments can be triggered by you through any scheduling process you define. For example by building cron jobs.

What happens if a payment fails?

If a payment fails, for example, due to insufficient funds, the status of the payment will be updated accordingly to REJECTED. It is also a good idea to check the status of the mandate because it might have been revoked by the user through their banks interface.

Support for Refunds?

Yes, there is support of refunds, but as of today, 2024-01-17, it has to be reported through a support ticket by the tenant to Ping Payments.