Swish is a mobile payments service.

End users connect a phone number and bank account to Swish. Once Swish has been set up, Swish users can send money to each other through a mobile application. A phone number, bank account and a Swedish national ID is all that's needed for a user to be eligible to send and receive money through Swish.

Swish also allows payment services to integrate their services with the Swish platform. A Swish user can choose to pay through Swish on connected services by choosing Swish as the payment method, and entering a valid phone number connected to Swish.

Ping Paymentsᵀᴹ is a technical supplier for Swish.

Ping Payments helps corporate customers to get started with Swish. We will help out with the technical integration and get you set up with the certificates you need.

We are ready to step in when you sign the Swish agreement with the bank you've chosen. Make sure to name Ping Payments in the agreement in order to be connected to Swish through us.

Ping Payments provides customers with the ability to make and receive payments to all eligible commercial bank accounts through Swish. You can send and receive money to and from other companies, no matter if the funds are held in an account at Ping Payments or at a bank.

Ping Payments supports using Swish through the M-commerce and E-commerce flows.