Payment Orders


A payment order is a container of all payments pertaining to a single purchase. Each Tenant has its own list of payment orders.

Each payment order has its own ID.

Payment Order ID

Every payment order is identified by an ID.

This ID is part of the response from the Ping Payments™ API upon creation of a new payment order.

Properties of a Payment Order

A payments order contains Payments.


A payment order can be set as:

  • Closed:

    A closed payment order is closed for adding additional Payments.

  • Split:

    Some payments in a payment order have been fulfilled, and distributed as mapped out with a Split Tree datastructure.

  • Settled:

    A settled payment order only contains processed payments.

The default state of a payment order is Open:

You may initialize more payments and connect them to the open payment order using its payment order ID.

Split Tree

A Split Tree datastructure is essentially a scheme or map outlining the distribution of Payments in a payment order.

Using Payment Orders

When working with payment orders through the Ping Payments API, you have access to the following functionality:

Getting a list of all payment orders belonging to your tenant:

Note: You may get a list of all payment orders for your tenant, or you may limit the results to a date range.

Creating a new payment order:

Getting a record of a specific payment order:

Updating a payment order with a new split tree datastructure:

Closing a payment order:

Splitting a payment order:

Settling a payment order: