The Ping Payments™ onboarding process builds on three cornerstones, or phases:

  1. The Preparation phase, where you identify your goals and prepare for building your integration with the Ping payments API
  2. The Integration phase, where you build, test and verify you planned integration
  3. The Going Live phase, where you'll prepare and finalize you production environment

Preparation Phase

During the preparation phase, Ping Payments and you will hold collaboration meetings to determine your requirements specifications. Ping Payments will helps you start planning out your integration process. You'll start the process of building your own integration. Finally, Ping Payments will set up a sandbox environment for you and provide you with the credentials you need to start testing.

Steps you'll go through:

  1. Holding a technical API overview session
  2. Finding your use cases
  3. Running demo sessions for suggested integration flow
  4. Receiving sandbox access
  5. Getting access to Ping Payments communication channels

Integration Phase

Ping Payments will help you get started on your integration. Furthermore, you'll start using your sandbox environment and start building your custom integration with the sandbox available for testing. Ping payments will help you set up payment flows and define the models you want to use for split payouts.

During the integration phase, you may find that you needs additional functionality, and if so Ping Payments will provide assistance to cover such needs. Together, you and Ping Payments will test and verify that your planned user interactions work correctly.

Steps you'll go through:

  1. Sandbox integration
  2. Creating split tree data structures for payouts
  3. Identifying and covering any need for additional functionality
  4. Verification of user interactions and journey according to established use cases
  5. Testing the acquisition and settlement of simulated payments and funds

Going Live Phase

During the "Going Live" phase, you'll create the necessary CSR and information Ping Payments need to give you your certificate.

Ping Payments will provide you with the credentials you need to use the Ping payments API live. You'll also get the information you need to handle split payouts. Your environment will shift from sandbox mode into production.

You'll set up your merchants and run tests acquiring real funds, and creating and settling real payments.

Steps you'll go through:

  1. Setting up your certificates
  2. Receiving configuration from Ping Payments
  3. Finishing your integration with a production environment
  4. Setting up your list of merchants
  5. Live testing