2022-10-12 - UNDERFUNDED and OVERFUNDED payments

funds is an object containing received, indicating any funds that have been received in connection to the concerned status update, and received_total, indicating the total amount of funds received up to and including that same status update.

Additionally, a Payment can now become either UNDERFUNDED or OVERFUNDED (indicated by its status) as a result of receiving too little or too much funds in relation to the expected amount given in total_amount when initiating a new Payment.

For now this is only relevant for Payments using ping deposit as provider and method, where the ultimate control of how much money enters Ping's system lays in the hands of the end user.

It should be noted that a an UNDERFUNDED Payment can become either COMPLETED or OVERFUNDED as a result of receiving additional funds.

To split a PaymentOrder, no Payments may be UNDERFUNDED or OVERFUNDED. Ways of taking strategic actions to move these Payments to COMPLETED will be introduced in the very near future.

Lastly, the same funds property can be found in the Payment status update callback.