May 2023 Recap

Ability to create agreements in KYC API

It is now possible to create agreements for on-boarding of merchants in the KYC API. There are five new endpoints for the handling of agreements. These are the following:

In the Get agreement templates endpoint you can get a list of available templates that can be used in the Create agreement endpoint. In the Create agreement endpoint a provider can be specified, right now Oneflow is the only available agreement provider.

Oneflow agreement flow

First get the available templates using the Get agreement templates endpoint, and choose a template that has oneflow as the provider. Then create a agreement specifying the agreement_template_id and the provider_parametersfor a oneflow agreement. Then one can use the Get agreement endpoint to get the created agreement and see the available data fields in the provider_data field. These field can then be updated using the Update agreement endpoint. When the agreement is ready to be signed use the Publish agreement endpoint to send the agreement to the party involved in the agreement. After the agreement has been signed the merchant will be updated and approved.

Open Banking PIS

We now offer the PIS solution widely through Open Payments to tenants. We support Länsförsäkringar, Swedbank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Danske Bank and SEB.

One of our tenants has gone through using the new rollout of this service in production with great success. During the month of May, the team has been working hard on perfecting the service with stability fixes, tracing of user journey and improvements in the user experience and the developer experience for any upcoming integrators.